Tip #1 – How to analyze bounce rate and conversions in Google Analytics

My favorite method to learn how to do something is through videos. I hope it is helpful to you and your business.

Concepts explained in the video:

How to analyze bounce rate? One should not look at bounce rate in isolation. Look at ‘Avg Time on Page’ in combination with the bounce rate percentage. If both ‘Avg Time on Page’ is low (less than a minute) and the bounce rate is high ( greater than 90%), it maybe cause for concern.

To go deeper into why bounce rate is high, look at Behaviour Flow Report.

Quick tip shown in video – You can search on top left, the first few words of any report you want to see and it gives you list of reports you can click on and go directly to that report.

One of the most important reports to look at to determine where site visitors are dropping off per page is the Behaviour Flow Report in Google Analytics.

At 3:52 mark, I meant to say, add url to ‘expression’ column and not to ‘name’ column as indicated in video.

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